Shekhan… The Opening of House of Smile for Children with Disabilities

On 24 OCT 2021 in the presence of the representative of the German organization Caritas, the BCF and the administrative units of Shekhan District, the House of Smile was opened for children with disabilities. In the primary level, it will have 25 students.

This House is another project of the BCF that are done in cooperation with the German organization Caritas and other organizations from that country. This project will provide great service and aid for the people with disabilities of the area and its surroundings. It will be a great opportunity to help rehabilitate the people with disabilities inside the camps. Experts will present to them education and training courses.

In the opening ceremony each of the respected Sardar Yuksal , Sardar Shekh Yahya and Musa Ahmad the BCF President, they gave speeches, they mentioned the importance of opening the House, they shed light on providing more services to the groups of the IDPs, especially people with disabilities. They need great assistance for rehabilitation and exercise so that they be prepared to be mixed with the society and be adjusted.

The project will at first accept 25 kids of the ages from 6 to 15 years old, in the future the project will get expanded. Its management will be under the supervision of the BCF. Also the transportation process of children from the camps of Shekhan and Mamrashan, they will be transported by four buses with the high school students.

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