Erbil…Aid Provided to 500 Families Affected by the Floods

Barzani Charity Foundation in cooperation with Erbil Governorate ,EJCC and Iraqi Red Crescent provide various aids and necessities to 500 families affected by the floods in ( Zerin, Korean Village, Grd Jotyar, Kore and Mala Omari)

After the floods of 30 OCT 2021 due to heavy rains, several places inside the Erbil Governorate had floods and were badly affected. Instantly the teams of the BCF, Erbil Governorate, and the related parties came to the rescue of the affected people to help them survive.
The BCF and with its fast response plan, instantly arranged plans for this natural disaster and with 120 employees the work took place. In the first step the process of counting the affected took place. with the on field medical teams, the BCF in association with the General Directorate of Health in the Erbil Governorate and the Iraqi Red Crescent, provided first aid medical equipment. Some families had their houses ruined and they needed a place to stay in, the BCF teams and the Erbil Governorate teams provided places and shelter for the ones that needed them. On the same day, five tankers of fresh drinking water were provided for the families and 15 tankers of water were provided to clean the affected houses and they did that all day long.
In order to make the process of cleaning of the houses faster, in the next day 31OCT 2021, thirty tankers of water and 60 workers started working on cleaning the affected houses. Five tankers provided drinking water all day long .
A number of families that were in a miserable situation and due to that the BCF provided them hot meals and 70 people benefited from that. simultaneously houseware, mattresses and blankets were distributed among the affected families. the overall number of the families that were helped was 500 families, that is 2463 person

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