Erbil… The Project of Monthly Assistance Distribution to 10758 Orphans Was Announced.

On 15 NOV 2021 In Erbil, At the BCF’s Main Office with the presence of the BCF President Mr. Musa Ahmad and the Consul General of UAE, Mr. Ahmed Aldhaher,in a press conference the beginning of another stage of the Orphan Care Project was announced which is concerned with taking care of children that don’t have fathers.

The BCF President Mr. Musa Ahmad : The dears (orphans) that are part of this project should study and continue their education.

At the beginning of the press conference the respected Mr. Musa Ahmad gave a speech and announced : We are glad that we are continuing with the BCF’s Orphan Care Project , which is one of the excellent projects and it is done with the support of the Emirates Red Crescent and the charitable personalities of Kurdistan and it started in 2011. According to the BCF’s researches this project has greatly affected the lives and the situation of the orphans (dears) that are part of this project and their families.

This project is arranged with the support of the ERC and the charitable personalities of the Emirates, they have been supporting us not only in this project but also in providing other necessities that were essential due to the difficult situation that passed in the Kurdistan Region, they have been supporting us in serving the great numbers of the IDPs and the refugees that came to Kurdistan in that difficult situation and also they supported us in serving people with disabilities who require special care. They are in continuous cooperation with the BCF’s teams and the involved sides of the KRG.
In the BCF’s Orphan Care Project, 16 000 orphans (dears) have become beneficiaries in all the governorates of the Kurdistan Region. Some IDPs and refugees have also benefited from this project in other governorates like Mosul, Diyala and Kirkuk.

In this part of the project 10758 orphans will be beneficiaries and the assistance funds provided to these dears is 6267000, this is for this year’s part. Also in the Kurdistan Orphan Care project that I aforementioned, that is done with the support of the charitable personalities of Kurdistan, we are proud of them and we have always mentioned their role. They have an effective role in supporting the BCF and with their support we have provided aid to people in need in the Kurdistan Region and from outside the Kurdistan Region during the most worrying times. In that project 7792 Orphans have benefited with provided funds over 3537000 USD. It’s worth mentioning that due to Corona Virus, we were delayed for two years and through banks 11 million and 12 thousand dollars were provided for 11 thousand and 142 Orphans (dears), this was part of the last two years but was also distributed this year. This year the assistance funds provided by the ERC alone are more than 17 million and 280 thousand dollars provided for this particular case. It’s worth mentioning that this project started in the presence and under the direct supervision of his Excellency Masrour Barzani, Head of BCF’s Board of Founders. And we are constantly asked to greatly take care of these Orphans (dears) especially concerning education.

The BCF has tried to make education a main part in all their offices and to give it special attention. One of the requirements for the participants in this project is that they have to continue with their learning . According to our researches many of those children that lose their fathers drop out of their education and our care makes them continue with their education. In addition to that, a while ago and in the presence of the Consul General of the Emirates and the wealthy personalities that constantly supports us, we provided awards and appreciation for the top students, some of them got marks higher than 90 and that makes us proud and we make constant efforts to enhance the scientific levels of these dears. we also try to have a constant closeness with them and we do that through many occasions and various events.


Ahmed Aldhaheri Consul General of UAE
This is an apparent success, since the beginning of 2011 and continuing until now is a sign of the continuity of this achievement and this great project.

My presence today is to reaffirm the support of the UAE in all fields to our brothers in the Kurdistan Region. It is reaffirming the role of the ERC and the continuity of its projects concerning development and construction. The Orphan Care Project is the successful result of the combination of the ERC in the UAE and the BCF and it is an apparent success since the beginning of 2011 and its continuity until now is a sign of the continuity of this achievement and this great project.

In fact there is an important component in the Kurdistan Region that the ERC of UAE gives a special attention to it under the commands of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan the Ruler’s Representative and the Chairman of the ERC.

I was pleased to attend the success of some high school graduates and that reflects the success of this project. This reflects the support of His Excellency Masrour Barzani the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Head of BCF’s Board of Founders, His continuous reaffirmation on looking after the orphans (dears) from the beginning of their learning process until they graduate from universities and to make them ready to serve the Kurdistan Region.

Today my presence is to reaffirm the continuity of the works of the ERC the humanitarian foundation of Khalifa bin Zayed, the upcoming projects will be as important as the Orphan Care Project, other development projects are studied to be done with the BCF.
The Media has always supported the cooperative works of the UAE and the BCF. I thank all the employees of the BCF and the BCF President Mr. Musa Ahmad for their great efforts and their support that constantly improves. I also thank the members of the BCF for they always support and help in succeeding the works and the projects of the Emirates Red Crescent in the Kurdistan Region.