Equipment and Necessary Items Provided to Students’ Internal Departments of Mergasur Technical Institute

On 22 NOV 2021 as part of the BCF’s efforts to enhance the conditions of students in the students’ Internal Departments and continuity in learning, in a campaign in Mergasur District in collaboration with the Education and the Higher Education departments, they distributed equipment and necessary items to three students’ Internal Departments of the institute. The provided needs included : 40 beds, 25 heaters, 40 mattresses, 40 pillows , 40 blankets, 1000 liters of fuel, 20 kitchen packages, 20 baskets of cleaning products and 20 packages of women necessities.
Mergasur Technical Institute is part of Erbil Polytechnic University and the ministerial order for its establishment was announced in 2019. In the meantime 50 students attend the institute and it has two departments Business Administration and Technical English Translation. The Institute is located in Mergasur District-Shekh Saidan. This Institute has three students’ Internal Departments.