Health Assistance Provided to Raparin Hospital in Erbil

Within the Health Sector of the BCF, with the purpose of serving the components of the society and providing aid to the health sector, the BCF provided(1800) antibacterial medicine (anti-inflammatory syrups) to the Raparin Hospital in Erbil.
The BCF continuously works to serve humanity, as part of that and in a new project, on 30 NOV 2021, the BCF provided antibacterial medicine ( anti-inflammatory syrups) to Raparin hospital in Erbil which is dedicated for the medical treatment and examination of children.
About that the President of BCF Mr. Musa Ahmad announced : We are proud of the fact that we have been able to continuously serve the components of the society; the local citizens, the IDPs and the refugees in the various sectors of life. Meanwhile, providing this sort of medicine is due to the fact that we are at the beginning of winter and during this season this kind of contagious diseases are widely spread. That’s why we have provided (1800) antibacterial medicine (anti-inflammatory syrups) to Raparin hospital which is a Children’s Hospital. He also announced: we will continue providing services to the health department of the Kurdistan Regional Government and we will do everything within our abilities in cooperation with the charitable people and the international organizations to serve the components of the society.