Border Forces Provide Aid to the People that were Affected by the Flooding

A delegation of Border Forces in the Kurdistan Region, with the purpose of providing assistance to the families affected by the flooding of the recent days, through the BCF, they provided (Fuel, Heaters, Mattresses).

On 19 DEC 2021, the President of BCF, Mr. Musa Ahmad received a delegation of Border Forces in the Kurdistan Region that was headed by Staff Major-General Hamada Dizayi.

In this meeting light was shed on the natural incidents that occur due to the climate change which result in catastrophic natural disasters. They also mentioned the damages of the flooding and that the BCF as first responders have provided hot meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner to the affected ones, they have also done the process of name recording and also have started a cleaning campaign of the houses and the streets.

On the other hand the guest delegation recognized and appreciated the works and the activities of the BCF and how they perform an active role internally, regionally and also internationally in providing aid and assistance to the affected ones and they wished the best for the BCF. With the purpose of providing aid and assistance to the affected families, they have provided fuel, mattresses and heaters and the aid will be distributed on the affected families by the BCF and in cooperation with Erbil Governorate.