Food and Household Equipment Provided to 659 Families Affected by the the Flooding

The BCF in cooperation with Al Hakim Cultural Foundation provided household aid including (heaters, food parcels) to the families affected by the flooding in Qushtapa Municipality.

On 22 DEC 2021 after the flooding that hit Erbil City which impacted several neighborhoods and places and resulted in material damage and loss of lives. The BCF’s teams immediately after the incident started delivering assistance ( hot meals, census, house cleaning ) in cooperation with Erbil Joint Crisis Coordination and the Government organiations, they provided three hot meals(breakfast, lunch,dinner) for three consecutive days to the families affected by the flooding.

within those efforts, today in Qushtapa Municipality where many houses were affected, the BCF in cooperation with the Al Hakim Cultural Organization started distributing ( heaters, food parcels) to 659 families.