BCF disseminates the statistics of the flood-affected beneficiaries and distributions in Erbil

After a rainstorm in 17/12/2021 that caused a flood in several neighborhoods and districts of the Erbil Governorate which many families were affected, the BCF established an emergency team under the framework of it’s coordination with the Erbil Governorate and KRG stakeholders in order to provide support to the vulnerable population. The day after the crisis, BCF started distributing hot meals three meals a day for 3 days in cooperation with Rwanga Foundation and several charitable companies including Galiawa Group of Companies that had taken part in the mission. While distributing hot meal consistently, the data entry and enrollment process started for the affected population by the flood, and at the same time, the cleaning of the houses, streets, and public places took place, and also a mobile medical unit was created for providing health care services to the injuries and vulnerable people.
After this emergency support, the BCF started the distribution of kerosene and each household received 100 liter as well as the distribution of food boxes and other basic house needs. Despite this, and in coordination with the Erbil Governorate, Erbil Joint Crisis Coordination Center(EJCC), Rwanga Foundation, assistance from Dohuk Governorate, and a number of charitable individuals, various kinds of assistance were provided to 2905 vulnerable households affected by the flood.
The assistance was including 2790 food boxes, 244700 liters of kerosene, 2218 heaters, 2340 square meter carpets (52 meters to each household), 11,700 pillows, 11,700 mattresses, 12,740 blankets, 500 refrigerators, 500 stoves, 500 washing machines(that was donated by Barz Company Groups), 400 bottles of gas, and 14,720 meals of hot meal.