The greatest aid will be provided to the flood-affected people of Erbil

On December 25, 2021, the BCF took an initiative and started delivering aid for the families affected by flood. The first stage of the assistance was through the provision of hot meals 3 meals a day for three days in cooperation with Rwanga Foundation. After the mitigation of the context and the returning of the families to their houses, the BCF teams started providing kerosene and each family received 100 liters of kerosene.

Later, one of the greatest humanitarian aids took place by the BCF that was the provision of NFIs to 8 families in Pirzin, 8 families in Mala Omar, 14 families in KasNazan, 6 families in Taq Taq, 27 families in Bnaslawa, 670 families in Qushtapa, 170 families in Baharka, and 141 families in Zhyan neighborhood.

The items distributed were basic house needs package including 5 mattresses, 5 pillows, 7 blankets, 32 meters of carpet, 1 kerosene heater, and 2 food parcels as well as 500 refrigerators, freezers, and stoves by the Barz Group of Companies. The total families that benefitted from this initiative were 1044 families.