The BCF Attends Humanitarian Response 2023 And Beyond Conference

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) along with other local and foreign humanitarian and government entities, participated in the conference ‘Humanitarian Response 2023 and Beyond’ which was held in Erbil on July 21, 2022.
Musa Ahmed, the BCF president represented the foundation in the Humanitarian Response 2023 and Beyond Conference and gave a speech in a panel stressing on the situation of the refugees and IDPs living in the Kurdistan Region. He stated that “they are living in better conditions compared to the refugees living in other countries.”
The BCF and the government organizations hope that all the refugees and IDPs return to their homes, he said, adding that their return has been facilitated but it aslo should be voluntary.
The BCF went on to say that 3,113 IDP families living in tents in Hasan Sham area despite the harsh weather conditions but still unwilling to return to their places of origin is indicating that serious issues are present.
The BCF head wrapped up his speech by appreciating the role of the Kurdistan Region’s people in sheltering and helping the refugees and IDPs, stating that the world is owing them.
The conference was held to discuss the humanitarian response for 2023 and beyond and devise better plans for the future humanitarian crises.