BCF Opens Autism Centre in Koya

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF), in partnership with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Erbil branch, opened a centre for autistic children in Koya district in Erbil province.

On Monday, August 1, the BCF announced the opening of a centre for autism in a press conference, attended by Kwestan Mohamad, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Yousif Chawshin, General Director of Social Welfare, Musa Ahmed, the BCF President, and Hawre Ihsan, Head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society’s Erbil branch.


“This is not our first project in Koya and we will certainly carry out more projects in the district in the near future,” said the BCF president, reaffirming that they deliver services to all areas without discrimination.

Despite the unavailability of precise data on the number of autistic children in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), the number of autistic children registered in the public and private centres is reportedly over 3,000 and the number is increased by 50 every year.

The BCF opened another centre for autism earlier in May, 2021 in Erbil, in partnership with UAE Red Crescent Society, in order to help the autistic children.