BCF to Renovate 10 Schools in Ninewa

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) has allocated $100,000 to renovate 10 shcools in Ninewa province.

On Monday, August 15, 2022, the BCF announced in a press conference attended by Rafaat Smo Rasho, the representative of Ninewa province, Mohamed Malham Mustafa, Director of Tilkef and Badradin Najmadin, head of the BCF’s office in Ninewa, the project of renovating 10 shcools in the province.

The renovation of the schools is part of the BCF’s efforts in the education sector, said the head of the foundation’s Ninewa office at the press conference, noting that the renovation of these schools in Ninewa is needed due to the damage resulted from the ISIS attack on the region.

The selection of the schools was done by the General Directorate of Ninewa Education, he added.

The BCF has delivered major humanitarian aid to Mosul and other parts of Iraq after the liberation of the area from ISIS, said Mr. Najmadin, mentioning that the foundation previously renovated other schools in the city. He noted that the renovation project covers all the districts of the province and create job opportunities for 250 people in the city and roughly 5,500 students benefit from the renovation project. 

The director of Tilkef education stated that the renovation of schools is the responsibility of the ministry of education, stressing the importance of the BCF’s initiative to renovate 10 schools in the province is highly valued.

The BCF previously announced a project to renovate 200 schools across the KRI regions before the new school year.