End of Renovation Project of 50 Schools in Sulaymaniyah

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) wrapped up the renovation of 50 schools in Sulaimaniyah province and handed them over to the General Directorate of Education of Sulaimaniyah.

On September 8, 2022, in a ceremony, attended by the head of the BCF office in Sulaymaniyah, Governor of Sulaimaniyah and a number of administrative and educational officials, the BCF announced the end of the renovation project of 50 schools in the province.

Haval Abubakr, Governor of Sulaimaniyah, thanked the the BCF for its continued support to the education sector. The renovation of the schools within the province has been conducted in coordination with the General Directorate of Education of Sulaimaniyah and the school administration, he said, adding that “we are now announcing the completion of the project in the primary school of Reza in Khabat neighborhood, wich is a symbol for all the 50 schools that have been renovated.” The governor extended utmost gratitude to the BCF for this initiative and thanked all parties. He said it is necessary for international and local organizations to compete and work in the fields that benefit the majority of society.

Sarwa Mustafa, Head of the BCF office in Sulaimaniyah pointed out that the BCF has undertaken a new project to renovate 200 schools within and outside the Kurdistan Region, including Mosul.

“Today, the renovation of 50 schools within the work of Sulaimaniyah office has been completed and will be handed over to the Sulaimaniyah Education Directorate. We will continue with other projects such as wheelchairs for the disabled, children’s projects and many other projects. However, education is one of the most important sectors of the Barzani Charity Foundation,” she said.

She noted that the renovation project created 1,100 jobs and 17,570 students have benefited from it.