Autistic Children at BCF-run Centre Return to Regular School

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) has always paid great attention to the education and development sector, particularly children with autism, providing them with an appropriate educational environment, in order to introduce them to the basic principles of education. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, about one in 100 children has autism.

Return of 6 autistic students from UAE Autism Center to regular school

On Monday, September 12, 2022, the graduation ceremony of 6 students was held. After graduating from this centre, these students will be sent to a regular school to continue their education.

Dozens of students are taught at the Autism Center using an international system and special education procedures. Teachers and volunteers work daily in two shifts, morning and evening. The services provided to students are fully undertaken by the BCF and the administration of the centre is under its responsibility.

The Autism Center has 30 teachers and 80 students

Teachers and students work in two shifts, morning and evening. There are 59 students in the morning and 21 students in the evening, for a total of 80 students.

However, the UAE Autism Center costs $7,000 per child per year in addition to the monthly financial support for the guardians and administrative fees.

In 2021, four children returned to regular school, and those students who are mixed will be monitored by the Autism Center.

In 2022, six children returned to regular school and nine children are expected to return to regular school soon.

Currently, 519 children are registered and are waiting to be admitted to the morning shift and 39 children are waiting to be admitted to the evening shift.


Expansion of the centre is essential

The UAE Autism Center was opened in a ceremony on 26/5/2021 in Erbil, to provide services to children with autism to receive appropriate treatment and return to society to lead a normal life. The ceremony was attended by Mrs Kwestan Mohammed, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr Omed Khoshnaw, Governor of Erbil, Mr Musa Ahmad, President of the BCF, and Mr Mohammed Al-Falahi, President of the UAE Red Crescent Society.

The UAE Autism Center was established in collaboration with the BCF and the UAE Consul General in the Kurdistan Region. It is worth mentioning that 558 children with autism have been registered in the centre and are waiting to be admitted.