A Team of BCF Participates in Rescue and Emergency Training

The Turkish iHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation invited a team of Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) to participate in the rescue training, starting on November 23, 2022. The team consisting of 17 people, participated in the first phase of training. The training lasted for nine days in the first phase which covered three areas: search and rescue in difficult and high places, search, find, and rescue people under collapsed buildings and search and rescue in deep ponds and rivers.
The second phase of the training will be held next year in 2023 in Erbil. In other words, iHH trainers will travel to the Kurdistan Region to provide the training, and in the third and final phases, nine people will be selected and awarded certificates and coaching licenses.
Established in 1992, iHH is one of the largest organizations in the Middle East with more than 1,800 volunteers.
The BCF aims to provide greater support to the affected people, therefore, in addition to delivering humanitarian assistance to IDPs and refugees, it has also plans for emergency and rescue operations. It works in coordination with the relevant governmental and non-governmental agents in this field.