A Coalition Delegation Visits Hasan Sham Camp in Erbil

On Monday, December 12, 2022, a delegation from the international coalition visited Hasan Sham U3 camp in Erbil province and met with Stav Aso, Head of the Erbil Office of Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF).

Both sides held a meeting which was also attended by Srwa Rasoul, Director of Migration and Crisis Response Directorate of Erbil Province, Ali Saeed, Director of Data and Information at JCC of the Ministry of Interior and the camp manager. The meeting probed into the humanitarian situation in Erbil province in general and the situation of IDPs and refugees in the camps in particular.

The questions of the coalition delegation were answered, and then a close discussion was held with a number of residents of the camp about their living conditions.

The visiting delegation thanked the KRG and the BCF for their remarkable humanitarian support to IDPs and refugees despite the lack of necessary resources and the significant reduction in humanitarian aid from foreign agencies.