BCF Organizes Various Activities in Kawrgosk Camp in Erbil

Barzani Charity Foundation, through the Cultural and Social Center of Nuraddin Zaza of Kawrgosk camp, carried out various educational and training activities for the residents of the camp.

A training course in sewing was opened on January, 12, 2023, to prepare women in the camp and integrate them into the labor market and find job opportunities.

In another activity on January 16, 2023, one of the teachers offered a voluntary class to secondary school students in grade 12 to help them improve their Kurdish subject at school.

The next day, on January 17, 2023, a course was offered to teach Kurdish folklore to the youth of the camp. meanwhile, a course was conducted to teach primary and secondary school students about the Kurdish alphabet, articulation of letters and help them with the school tasks.