BCF Releases Statement of Clarification for Public

With snow and rain waves across the Kurdistan region, the Barzani Charity Foundation announced on January 30, 2023, a campaign to distribute two million liters of kerosene to 20,000 low-income families in the cities and towns of Kurdistan Region.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the respected individuals and companies who supported the BCF and fully funded the implementation of this project.

We refute all the false news and statements published by some non-responsible media, and we assure our partners and supporters that we will sue all these media.

Barzani Charity Foundation has gained the trust of the people of Kurdistan and international humanitarian organizations, so fabricated statements and news far from the moral values and principles of humanity and media work will not affect the prestigious status of the BCF in the hearts of people and international humanitarian agencies. This will make the foundation more focused on serving the proud people of Kurdistan and humanity in general.

We promise that our humanitarian aid will continue with the support of humanitarians and benefactors. We continue to serve the people of Kurdistan, IDPs and refugees.