Strong Earthquake Relief Partnership with German Charity Organisations

From the very first day of the earthquake which hit Turkey and Syria, Barzani Charity Foundation launched rapid response relief to affected communities and due to the positive response from our partners and donors within Kurdistan Region and globally especially our partners in Germany particularly Friedensdorf International, Funke Mediengruppe and Caritas-Flüchtlingshilfe Essen e.V., which have been the backbone of Barzani Charity Foundation for numerous short and long term development projects in the last years.
After the Barzani Charity Foundation 1188857 and Barzani Charity Foundation-Iraq jointly appealed to national and international organisations for donations to respond to earthquake Victims the German organization’s were the first to act and provide substantial financial assistance to Barzani Charity Foundation to reach the survivors of earthquake.
The donation so far pledged by above organisations in Germany have made great impact and provided capacity to BCF to provide hot meals, dry food boxes, medicines and tents.
As the first part of rapid response accomplished BCF hoping with help of its above organizations and other national and international donors continue to help earthquake survivors to rebuild their livelihoods and recover from the disaster
Barzani Charity Foundation is very grateful and honoured to have a trust of very efficient, trustworthy and warmhearted German organisations and people of Germany,
The financial support and other constant assistance BCF has received from mentioned organisations has provided hope and aspirations not only to BCF yet to vulnerable people who are heavily dependent on generous and compassionate people to survive the hardship they endure due to conflict and earthquake.
BCF is proud of the strong dedication of its friends and partners in Germany.