BCF Plan of Kerosene Distribution to Low-income People in the Past Three Years

In 2020, Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) distributed 3,105,520 liters of kerosene to low-income people. 31,027 families benefited from it. In 2021, the amount was 290,400 liters, which benefited 4,840 families, but in 2022, the distribution of kerosene was increased to more than 75,900 liters.


On January 30, 2023, in a press conference attended by Mr. Halgurd Sheikh Najib, Head of Soran Independent Administration, and Dr. Abdulrahman Sadiq, Head of the Kurdistan Regional Environment Board, Musa Ahmed, President of Barzani Charity Foundation announced the project of distributing kerosene to low-income people of the Kurdistan Region.


Barzani Charity Foundation does not mean only achieving a goal by “distributing kerosene”. Distributing kerosene to low-income people in the middle of winter is indeed both a humanitarian duty and a sacred campaign, but protecting the environment and nature of Kurdistan is a moral, religious and humanitarian duty. Kerosene distribution to a large extent prevents the random cutting of trees.


The kerosene was distributed in the provinces and independent administrations of the Kurdistan Region, especially in remote and mountainous villages. The quantity of the project was as follows: 

2,200,000 liters was distributed to 22,000 families. 700,000 liters was distributed in Soran and Erbil, 500,000 liters in Sulaymaniyah, Raparin and Garmian, 230,000 liters in Halabja, 760,000 liters in Duhok and Zakho. Each family received 100 liters of kerosene.