On 9th anniversary of genocide of Yazidis, we remember with great sadness the inhumane ISIS attack on Sinjar

We pay tribute to the victims and wish freedom to all our Yazidi sisters and mothers from the hands of terrorists.

The Barzani Charity Foundation, stood firm by the Yazidis with a selfless Peshmerga spirit and made every effort to help the victims of Sinjar since the first day of the terrorists’ attack.
The Barzani Charity Foundation has considered it its duty to support the Yazidi Kurds as part of its humanitarian mission and continues to do what it can to help the victims of Sinjar. It managed to deliver aid to all the displaced Yazidi Kurds, first by plane and then from the mountains of Sinjar, until their settlement in the camps.
On the anniversary of this tragedy, we reiterate our demand for a decent and honourable life for the Yazidis and all other displaced people. We call on the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Migration to fulfil their responsibility and support the vulnerable by creating a favourable environment for their return to their homes as soon as possible as they should no longer live in fear of militia threats and military conflicts.
We thank all the institutions, offices and organizations of the Kurdistan Region for accommodating the displaced and rescuing the abducted Yazidi girls. We would like to thank the international humanitarian organizations for their assistance and support to the Barzani Charity Foundation since the first day of the turmoil.
We reiterate our call on international agencies to continue to support the displaced Yazidi Kurds. They need and deserve all kinds of assistance to overcome their traumatic situation.
Yazidi girls are a symbol of resilience and honour. They have become a shield to protect the lives of their parents and brothers. The survivors should have a chance to live with the utmost respect. It is a moral and humanitarian duty of all parties to make every effort to rescue all the kidnapped Yazidi women and girls.
Finally, we once again call on the United Nations and other international humanitarian agencies and countries to support the restoration of a normal life for the Yazidi Kurds, which is their least right and the least compensation. In the meantime, they need to continue to recognize the crimes against the Yazidi Kurds as genocide in all countries to find justice and restore their rights.

                                             Barzani Charity Foundation
                                                                                  August 3, 2023