BCF Welcomes 0.5 Million Iranian Pilgrims of Imam Hussein’s Arbaeen

For the second year in a row, Iranian pilgrims are coming through Erbil to perform the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein in Karbala, south of Iraq.

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) teams, in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government teams, have made all the facilities and preparations to welcome the pilgrims and provide shelter for them during their stop in Erbil.

In a press conference held on August 26, 2023 at the Erbil International Fair venue where the pilgrims are accommodated, Mr. Omid Khoshnaw, Governor of Erbil, said that the Iranian pilgrims come to Erbil through the Haji Omran International Border Crossing for the second year and they are provided with all kinds of services. 

The governor stressed that the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Barzani Charity Foundation have made full preparations to welcome the pilgrims, he said: “This year the preparations have been better and the shortcomings of last year have been resolved in terms of health, security and safety while the number of pilgrims visiting this year has increased compared to last year.

The Iranian Interior Minister thanked the people and the Kurdistan Regional Government for providing all these services to the pilgrims. “We’ve been told that around 500,000 pilgrims come through the Haji Omeran international gate and two to three thousand pilgrims come through the gate daily,” he said.

For his part, Mr. Nasrullah Rashnoodi, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Erbil, said: “the necessary preparations and services have been provided for the pilgrims at the Haji Omeran gate and in the coming days more pilgrims will visit the holy shrines. “We thank the Kurdistan Regional Government, the governor of Erbil and all the people of Kurdistan for providing all the services to our pilgrims,” he said.

Barzani Charity Foundation teams began preparations for the Iranian pilgrims to participate in the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein’s death anniversary a week before they arrived, giving a warm welcome to the pilgrims.