The Barzani Charity Foundation’s searching and rescuing team continues it’s trainings

In turkey, after the humanitarian relief foundation invited a team from The Barzani charity foundation to attend a rescuing training to turkey, in 23rd November, 2022 the Barzani Charity foundation team that included 17 people, participated in the first day of training. The training lasted for 9 days in the first round. that included three fields.
First: searching and rescuing in the high and complicated grounds
Second: searching and finding and rescuing people under demolished buildings (by the cause of earthquake, explosion, or any other causes)
Third: searching and rescuing in deep pond and rivers the second round of the training took place in Kurdistan when the (IHH) foundation came to Erbil in 2023. Which means the trainers for the third round will be a team from The Barzani Charity Foundation and the trainings will be about searching and rescuing from the nature and cities also creating airline teams for removing any blockings that caused by nature, the trainings took place in 21st august 2023 to 28th august 2023 and in the end of the training 9 candidates will be chosen and they will get certificates of the course. The (IHH) was founded in 1992 and more than 1800 individuals are working volunteer in the foundation. The Barzani Charity Foundation has great plans for serving the people in need, that’s why despite of delivering help and mater, the organization is also planning for immediate help and rescuing as well. And it will have activities with the help of both governmental and non-governmental foundations