The Al-Hamdaniya disaster put The Barzani Charity Foundation in grief, but it continues from sending services and emergency needs

In a fire accident from a wedding party in Al-Hamdaniya city from Ninawa governorate, more than 115 people passed away and nearly 150 more people got injured.
On a request from Messer Masrour Barzani, the president of Kurdistan region and the president of the Barzani Charity Foundation founding board, 67 injured people from the accident have been transferred to the Kurdistan region hospitals, from that number 47 in Erbil and 20 in Duhok hospitals were put in intense care units, The Barzani Charity Foundation has provided all the needed equipment regarding the hospital needs to the both hospitals for curing and helping the injured individuals,
Sending those helps were on a request from ministry of health, due to the pressure on the hospitals a team from The Barzani Charity Foundation responded to the call and sent immediate help to the both hospitals.
And The Barzani Charity Foundation continues from sending help and services to the victims from the disaster