How The Barzani Charity Foundation helped the victims from the Al-Hamdaniya disaster?

How I don’t get mad? Our children, young and old people have become charcoal and dust. Nobody helped us, “only The Barzani Charity Foundation, that still their visits and helps continue”
These were the words from a father in grief from the Al-Hamdaniye disaster. That his young son passed away and despite of that his wife is under intense care unit from a fire accident in a wedding party in Al-Hamdaniye, more than 100 people passed away and nearly 250 more got injured. Mixing their happiness with sadness and changing smiles to tears just in a second, and that’s because of loosing tens of close dear relatives, it’s a really sad and it’s a scar that can’t be fixed.
After the accident, Messer Masrour Barzani, the president of Kurdistan region that at the same time e is also the president of The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) founding committee, he has put the foundation in charge to immediately sent first aid kit and help to the victims of the disaster.
In a media conference, Messer Mousa Ahmad the president of The Barzani Charity Foundation spoke as the representative of the Barzani Charity Foundation and those whom participated in sending helps for delivering help to the victims and hoped recovery for the injured ones soon. And also, he claimed: “that disaster was really heart touching and sad. The Barzani Charity Foundation is ready for any kind of help and for serving the victims, under the saying from Barzani that claims “ it’s a pride for human to be his peoples servant” and he vouched that he is put in charge from Messer General Masoud Barzani and president Masrour Barzani, the president of the Kurdistan region and the president of the Barzani Charity foundation founding board, to do whatever it takes to serve and help the injured ones and their families, the injured ones were transferred to Kurdistan hospitals from that number 47 injured people in Erbil and 20 injured people in Duhok hospitals are under intense care units.
The Barzani Charity Foundation, provided all the hospitality needs for curing and helping the victims in the wedding hall fire accident victims in Al-Hamdaniya wedding party to both hospitals in Erbil and Duhok.
And sending those helps from The Barzani Charity Foundation was due to a request from the ministry of health, because of the pressure on the both cities hospitals.
The Barzani Charity Foundation will continue from sending helps and services to the victims in the disaster.