The Barzani Charity Foundation is participating in a kurd doctors conference in Germany

From a formal invitation from Kurdish Mesopotamia Doctors in Europe in Berlin city, Messer Awat Mustafa a member in the committee of the management staff and responsible in the Barzani Charity Foundation in Europe and America, participated in the 9th Kurdish Mesopotamia Doctors conference, that started in 29th 0f august,2023 until 1st of October,2023. The Kurdish Mesopotamia Doctors conference included a number of doctors and health specialized Kurdish doctors in Europe, that it’s been many years they serve Kurdish society. The conference every year will take place with the participation of many doctors and specialized people in all the parts of Kurdistan and each year they do the conference in different places. For this year they invited the Barzani Charity Foundation so that the main part would be focusing on the working between the charity part and its connection with the Kurdish committees in Europe. In the second day of the conference Messer Awat Mustafa a member in the committee of the management staff and the representative of (BCF) in Europe, gave a speech and with having data and proven information, talked about the effect helping and working between the Kurdistan committees and the Barzani Charity Foundation in the crisis, especially their help in the earthquakes in the northern and western parts In Kurdistan.
As its obvious the existence of the Barzani Charity Foundation committee in the conference was warmly welcomed by the participants, despite the speech, the representative Barzani Charity Foundation, Messer Awat Mustafa managed one of the panels, that was specialized in humanitarian helps and the connection between the humanitarian organizations in Europe and Kurdistan