in the worlds psychology day a seminar has been presented in the head of the Barzani Charity Foundation

In the world’s psychology day, a special seminar on psychology was presented in the head of the Barzani Charity Foundation, in the seminar the mater outcomes and its effects were explained that happens due to the problems and psychology issues that we face.
Messer Sami Abdulrahman the manager in the orphan education project and a psychologist, together with the human resources in Barzani Charity Foundation, in 10th of Octobe,2023 in the head of the Barzani charity Foundation, presented a psychology seminar in the world psychology day, after a short definition of psychology, Messer Sami Abdulrahman pointed to the damages that we face due to the psychology problems and claimed: “psychology and having a good state of mind is one of the basic rights of human and it’s a basic point for individuals and society to improve in terms of economy. According to the statistics from the health would organization in 36 developed countries around the world, because of the psychology problems yearly they get a 925-billion-dollar damage”
And also, he claimed that “according to the data and the researches in some of the countries one of four the people have got psychology problems, nearly 300 million people are getting a psychology issue because of being too much worried bout something, and with the same number of people are living with the same issue. and also, he explained, according to the dates yearly around the world 800,000 people sacrifice themselves due to presser on their psychology or something that happens to them.
And also pointed out that “%70 of the physical illnesses such as (acne, enterocolitis, hair fall, sex disorder, cancer, headache, the issues for sleeping and eating disorder, throat scars, leather, sicknesses of women, Alzheimer and etc.….) their main reason is not having a good psychology and they are called (psychosomatic)
The psychologist, related the main (damages in the economy and industry sectors) to the sicknesses and the psychology problems and stated: “and that’s the main reason that in the developed countries yearly a huge amount of money will be provided for the psychology sector, according to the data that has been given in the seminar by the psychologists, countries around the world provide a huge budget for facing and overcoming the psychology problems. The world federator for psychology in 1992, has announced the 10th of October as the World Day of Psychology. Every year in that day for the purpose of working on the psychology issues, there is many different activities and they try to find a suitable way to face the psychology issues, that faces human because all the pressure we have in the current living style.