The Barzani Charity Foundation showed its preparatory to send humanitarian help to palestine

in 18th 0f October,2023 Messer Mousa Ahmed the president of the Barzani Charity Foundation and a deputation from the foundation gave a visit to the Palestine consulate in Erbil and Messer Nazmi hazoory, the Palestine consulate, they arranged a meeting and Messer Mousa Ahmed showed the preparatory of the foundation to send humanitarian help to Palestine.
In the meeting the general consultant of Palestine, after welcoming the deputation, thanked the Barzani Charity Foundation for the series of services for the immigrants and refugees in general and the refugees from Palestine especially that they helped many immigrants from Palestine that they came to Kurdistan between 2014 and 2017.
In the same mee visit, the ways of sending help and the situation in Palestine was discussed, from his side the head of the Barzani Charity Foundation, focused on the preparatory of the Barzani Charity Foundation for sending humanitarian help for the victims and showed the foundations availability to help any human who needs help, without thinking about the differences around the world, for that purpose the general consulate of Palestine thanked Barzani Charity Foundation for their help. the Barzani Charity Foundation with the slogan that says (wherever there is a scar in a humanitarian body it will be there to cure) will try to send help to the Palestine people in the area, which is what the foundation always wants to do to help globally for reducing pain and grief from any human, and as a duty of the foundation as one of the members in the economy and social council representative in the United States (ECOSOCS)
The Barzani Charity Foundation as it was the first Caracter in standing for people in need in every natural disaster or war, for the same reason he continues working on finding a way to send help as soon as possible for the victims in the area with working together with the Iraqi foundations and the Iraqi government.