The participants Appreciate the vocational projects

The Barzani Charity foundation (BCF), one of the sectors that they always care about is opening the vocational programs in the immigrants and refugee camps and also outside the camps, so that the participants could have their own small businesses after they finish the courses and gain something from it. In that case, the Barzani Charity Foundations representative in Amedi in association with Shiladze vocational center in Amedi and the (sterling foundation) in 23rd of October,2023 opened a Barbering course for the youth in the area.
Ahmed Saed, who is one of the trainers of the course and as he claimed: “this training will continue for one month. Theoretically and practically every two hours per day we continue training in a scientific way, we teach the students every style of hair cutting, which is good for their future and they can engage in business life after the course”.
Hunar Khasraw, who is one of the participants of the course as he spoke on it, he id happy that he learns the job and he is participating with a lot of hope. And also, he said: “the reason why I attended in this training is to learn this work and to be able to have my own job and to make something so I can have a suitable life”. and in the end, he thanked the Barzani Charity Foundation and the foundation that they had a hand in it also special thanks to the trainers of the course.