the Mazne secondary school won the Hope’s tournament trophy

The games for “Hiwa Championship” in a miniature football game in Mergasor took place By Messer Chiyavan Nechirvan Barzani, and in the end of the tournament the Mazne boys’ secondary school could lift the trophy after wining by penalty kicks.
Under supervision of Messer Chiyavan Nechirvan Barzani, in 22nd of august,2023 from The Barzani Charity Foundation in Mergasor-Barzan Village. In a ceremony it announced the (Hiwa Tournament) for miniature football game. The matches were taking place from every (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at 5 pm which lasted a month. That the four teams (barzan, mazne, piran and ble) could reach the semi finals and with penalty kicks the games ended, Barzan was playing against ble and mazne was playing against piran.
On Saturday in 28th of November,2023 the final game took place between Mazne secondary and Ble secondary schools, The Mazne secondary school got the trophy of the (Hiwa tournament) with penalty kicks.
And in the end of the event their Messer Chiyavan Nechirvan Barzani and Musa Ahmed the head of Barzani Charity Foundation contributed medals on the successful teams.
The Hiwa tournament was opened under a request from Messer Chiyavan Nechirvan Barzani with the help and support from the Barzani Charity Foundation, on the purpose of supporting the students and youth generation in Mergasor boarder and to build a sense of racing and providing a chance for the students with abilities to show their abilities It started. The team who was losing two games would go out from the tournament and the teams were separated on two circles (Goratoo circle and Barzan circle), and all the equipment of the championship was provided from the Barzani Charity Foundation.