The Barzani Charity Foundation and the representatives of two foreign organizations are visiting an orphanage

The head of Barzani Charity Foundation and his vice president in association with the representatives of (Caritas) organization and (Helfen Bringt Fruede) organization had a visit to the orphanages in Erbil. And in that visit, they contributed winter clothes on orphans in the orphanages.
Their Messer Musa Ahmed the head of Barzani charity foundation, Ibrahim samin the vice president of Barzani Charity Foundation in association with the representative of the German (Helfen Bringt Fruede) organization and (Caritas) organization had a visit to an orphanage in 17th of November,2023. In the visit winter clothes were contributed on the orphans. After lunch, the management staff and the orphans all together thanked the Barzani Charity Foundation and the two organizations for all the help that they gave them.
Messer Sabah Osman, a member in law sector in directorate of supervisory that he also a member of the orphanage in Erbil, as he claims, he has been living there for years and now he is working there as an employee, in that case from a special comment for the Barzani Charity Foundation media he said: “the orphan and pure children in this orphanage, are getting chances to study, also I have been studying and living in this orphanage and now I am employed here”.
The lawyer also said, that the Barzani Charity Foundation, has always provided humanitarian helps to the orphanage and he claimed: “I have been in this orphanage and I am well aware of what and how the Barzani Charity Foundation helps us. They have always filled all the gaps in the orphanage and many times they have been giving the graduates from the orphanage many jobs and put them on works. Especially Messer Kak Musa Ahmed, we all consider him as a father for those whom doesn’t have one and we have a never lasting thank to him and to what he has done for us and we thank his loyalty. We wish that the Barzani Charity Foundation continue from helping the people in need and keep an eye on them”.