Barzani Charity Foundation presents awards to the participants of the “Unique Research” project

On February 28, 2024, Barzani Charity Foundation presented awards to the participants of the “Unique Research” project at the head office in Erbil.
In his speech, Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation, praised the project and said that they look forward to more cooperation with the French Lebanese University in the future, especially in the fields of science and education.
The President of Barzani Charity Foundation, in his speech, stressed the importance of working together with academic centers, especially in those areas that require joint efforts, in order to the gaps in the scientific field should be filled.
For his part, Professor Amin Kakshar, President of the French Lebanese University, thanked the Barzani Charity Foundation for their continuous efforts to serve science and education and insist on the practical steps that the scientific level of It will develop the Kurdistan Region.
The president of the French Lebanese University, said that the university is ready to do more work in the field of scientific research in collaboration with the Barzani Charity Foundation.
Mr. Karzan Nuri, Head of Project Planning of Barzani Charity Foundation, said that in the strategic plan of Barzani Charity Foundation, scientific research will be one of the most important issues for the future, which is the project Several researchers identify a number of problems in society Barzani Charity Foundation will certainly try to rebuild these researches and their results in the framework of several projects.
He stressed that the Barzani Charity Foundation is always trying to find scientific ways to solve any humanitarian problems, in order to assist humanity.
On February 5, 2024, the results of the “Unique Research” project were announced at the French Lebanese University in Erbil. With the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Samin deputy president of Barzani Charity Foundation and Dr. Amin Kakshar, President of the French Lebanese University.
In this competition, 26 scientific papers were evaluated by an expert committee. Which was led by Dr. Kawa Sherwani.
As a result of the final evaluation, three scientific papers were selected as the winners of the competition, two of which were conducted jointly and one by one researcher alone.
The winners of the unique research competition and their field of research were:
Impact of growth and urban development on groundwater quality (Bassam Zuhair).
(The Role of Education in Criminal Rehabilitation: A Study on the Educational Situation in Kurdistan Regional Prisons) was conducted jointly by researchers Soran Ghazi and Adnan Shuan.
(Sexual Harassment and Productivity in the Working and Learning Environment in Erbil) was conducted jointly by researchers Iram Amjad, Meram Salin and Ala Peshang, teachers at the French Lebanese University.
On September 4, 2023, the Barzani Charity Foundation and the French Lebanese University announced the scientific research competition project. According to the plan of the project, research in the fields of (humanities, health, economics, technology, management and environment) could participate.