Barzani Charity Foundation renews its commitment to provide more humanitarian assistance and services on the birth anniversary of Mustafa Barzani

On March 14, 2024, coinciding with the birth anniversary of General of mountains (Mustafa Barzani), the spiritual father of the Kurdish nation and the heir of the Barzan doctrine for peaceful coexistence of different nationalities and religions, the grave of the undead in Barzan embraced the Presidency and all the staff of Barzani Charity Foundation.
In the ceremony, Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation, after laying a wreath on the grave of the undead in Barzan, while highlighting the life and struggle of the late Barzani, the promise of the foundation was renewed to always hurry in humanitarian work and services with the Kurdish spiritual father.
Afterwards in the conference hall in the grave of the undead, two documentaries about Kurdistan and Barzan region, the struggle and sacrifices of the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan, as well as the role of the late Barzani’s leadership in the Barzan Revolution and the September Revolution were screened His position in the Kurdistan Republic in Mahabad, until the story of the crossing of the Aras river, the return from the Soviet Union to Iraq and Kurdistan, the March 11 agreement, the stories of fighting the occupying oppressors and even the plot to assassinate him by a delegation in religious clothes, until the physical disappearance of this revolutionary and fearless man were displayed. Of course, the brilliant agenda of Mustafa Barzani and his sacred name are much stronger than the sunset and will remain immortal in the minds of the nation for generations and rises again and again every day.
In the course of the ceremony, which was an important conference of the organization, both Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation and Mr. Ibrahim Samin, Deputy President of Barzani Charity Foundation, after their speeches they opened the door for discussion for the participants and a number of employees and officials of the departments of the agency and administrators of the refugee camps and they made their suggestions.
Then all the staff of Barzani Charity Foundation visited the Barzani Memorial and got acquainted with several stages of Barzani’s life and struggle.
Then they visited the Barzani Genocide Monument. After presenting wreaths to the souls of the victims, the President of Barzani Charity Foundation and the Director of the Barzani Genocide Monument in two separate speeches, thy gave more explanation about the tragedy and human crimes committed to the audiences in the ceremony.
After the ceremony, dinner meal was served to all the participants.