BCF Delivers Drinking Water to Basra Province

BCF Delivers Drinking Water to Basra Province, Affected by Water Crisis

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) sent a large-scale portion of drinking water to the population of Basra, southern Iraq.

The residents of Basra Province are experiencing severe conditions due to clean water scarcity and water pollution as the government in Basra is unable to provide the population of the city with purified water.

BCF teams along with 20 trucks loaded with 100,000 packs of bottled water set off from Erbil to Basra on August 29, 2018, and arrived in the province on August 30 where they distributed the aid to affected people.

Head of the BCF media, Rawaj Haji, explained that the foundation will spare no efforts to exist in any affected areas to help those in need. Regarding the situation in Basra, Haji said they felt the need to reach out to Basra population as their conditions were becoming more difficult due clean water shortages.