More than 676,000 diabetes pills will be supplied to the Erbil General Directorate of Health

In the presence of Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF), Dr. Dlovan Mohammed, Director General of Erbil General Directorate of Health and Dr. Lazgin Jamil, representative of Norwegian Maine Organization, donated 676,400 pills for type 2 diabetes patients to Erbil General Directorate of Health.
In this regard, on March 27, 2024, in a press conference, Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation, in his opening speech remarks, Norwegian Maine Organization as “an active and effective partner despite of thanking them it’s essential to mention that all the aids that they give to the Barzani Charity Foundation in forwarded to the Erbil General Directorate of health and all the health aid will be provided to hospitals and health centers through the Ministry of Health. He also mentioned “During this period, with the support of a number of organizations, the most influential and prominent of which was the Norwegian Maine Organization, we have been able to provide a number of medicines and in many places, special supplies for hospitals. It is appropriate to thank them in particular.”
In another topic of his speech, he pointed to the presence of a large number of refugees and displaced persons in the Kurdistan Region, who need medicine and medical treatment daily, and said that the Iraqi government in the field of refugee assistance There has been no plan for the refugees in the Kurdistan Region and no assistance is being provided to them. He said that the refugees are Iraqi citizens and it is the duty of the Iraqi government to support them, but they have been lagging behind in all areas. That’s why he asked the international organizations and foundations to have a hand in this era.”
Dr. Dlovan Mohammed, Director General of Erbil General Directorate of Health added that “Barzani Charity Foundation and Norwegian Maine Organization, “have provided a large amount of diabetes pills of the type Glucofech, which is 6,764 packets, each pack containing 100 pills for treatment Type 2 diabetes patients are useful for patients within the General Directorate of Health Erbil.
He also stressed on that “The number of diabetics is increasing worldwide, and most doctors rely on the pill to treat type 2 diabetes. And he said: “We would like to thank the Barzani Charity Foundation, which has always been on the line to assist the health sector and serve the citizens and patients who visit the border Erbil General Directorate of Health.
Barzani Charity Foundation has continuously extended its helping hand in terms of buildings, training, medicines, equipment and medical supplies. The Norwegian Maine Organization has also helped in many areas, such as providing hearing aids for the people with having difficulty of hearing and now by providing the pills which we are grateful for and we thank them.
Mr. Dr. Lazgin Jamil, representative of Maine Norway, in his speech, after expressing his pleasure for the joint work with Barzani Charity Foundation in the medical assistance, pointed out that the cost of the assistance the medical cost was $341,000. Similar work was done in Duhok, Akre and Zakho. In the next few days, the aid will be delivered to Soran and other cities. He said that most of the humanitarian organizations have stopped their activities in Kurdistan due to the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, but the Norwegian Maine organization has promised to continue its activities and assistance in Kurdistan.