Afrin… Barzani Charity Foundation teams help flood victims

Residents of three villages in the district of Jundres in Afrin have been affected by heavy rains and natural disasters. The Barzani Charity Foundation emergency teams went to assist them.
Mr. Rawaj Haji, a member of the Executive Board of Barzani Charity Foundation and in charge of Syria affairs, said: “After heavy rains on May 24, 2024 in Afrin, the residents of three villages belonging to Jundres district, suffered heavy damage. Barzani Charity Foundation emergency teams, mobile medical teams and volunteers rushed to the scene and helped the flood victims.”
He also claimed “In addition to the road cleaning campaign and cleaning more than 50 houses in the villages (Telslor, Dewan, Kharbaalosh), food parcels and non-food aid were distributed to all of them. Meanwhile, mobile medical teams provided free medicines and treatment to women, children and men.”