Representative of Barzani Charity Foundation in the United States meets with prominent personalities

On June 2, 2024, Ms. Khunaw Amin, Representative of Barzani Charity Foundation in the United States, met with Ms. Trifa Aziz, Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the United States, as well as Mr. Dilovan, Director of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives from Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Mr. Dasko Sherwani manager of delivery of Community Message from the Kurdistan Regional Government), in the meeting they highlighted how they can expand their relations with international organizations that carry out humanitarian work, especially in the fields of education, health and environment, in order to further serve and reach out to those in need. Discussions focused on exploring ideas and opportunities to strengthen communities and promote economic and social development. The participants exchanged views and strategies and stressed the importance of sustainable development and inclusive growth.
In another meeting with Professor Ghazi Zebari, the representative of Barzani Charity Foundation in the United States had prepared several research projects aimed at improving the welfare of society. The discussion delved into innovative solutions and collaborative efforts to uplift marginalized sectors, as well as promote education and improve access to healthcare. They also discussed the possibility of working together on humanitarian issues in Kurdistan, Iraq and the surrounding areas.
Since 1992, Professor Ghazi Zebari has been involved in the delivery of medical and humanitarian assistance and capacity building in Kurdistan.