Orphans look at Barzani charity Foundation with eyes full of hope

“The Barzani charity Foundation has been helping us for five years. We thank them very much for their long service. These donations were very useful for us to continue our studies. I am in grade 12 and I ask the Barzani charity Foundation to provide me with a lecturer so that I can be admitted to university with high grades.”
That’s what 18-year-old (Amina S.) said. “Barzani charity Foundation has become our hope and their work is really commendable and we hope God will protect them and help them to continue to serve the poor people,”.
(Yusra) is the mother of a orphan child and raises her hands to heaven and says: Oh mighty God may you make someone happy and safe whom helps an orphan child Barzani Charity Foundation has helped thousands of single mothers to keep their children in school. We are very grateful for their assistance and wish them continuity and long life.”
(Sarah S.) is a 13-year-old girl who has completed seventh grade and has been receiving her and her sister’s salaries for eight years. She has many dreams in life but she mentions one of her dreams and says: “The Barzani charity Foundation has taken us to the equestrian field. Since then, my biggest dream has been to become an equestrian coach. I really thank the Barzani charity Foundation for helping us as a father and brother,”.
(Balen S.) is a 15-year-old boy with two younger brothers. He reveals that he and his brothers have benefited from Azizan’s projects for seven years. With a warm heart he talks: “The Barzani charity Foundation has served many poor people. Especially children who have no father and whose mother works hard to support the family. We have great hopes and we are sure that we will achieve them with the support of Barzani charity Foundation.”
The children and their guardians are very happy with the donations of the donors and the assistance of Barzani charity Foundation. They all appreciate the humanitarian assistance. This year, Barzani charity Foundation (BCF) in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent Society and local donors, will distribute $4,575,145 to orphans in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.
The distribution of salaries of the UAE Red Crescent Society and Kurdistan companies and charities will continue until the day of Eid al-Adha under the order of Mr. Musa Ahmad the president of Barzani Charity Foundation, so that everyone can receive their salaries and benefit from the Eid al-Adha. In this regard, Mr. Mohsin Mohammed Salih, Head of the Unit of the orphans and widows of the Erbil Office of Barzani charity Foundation, said: “We have received a decision from the Presidency of Barzani charity Foundation to distribute all salaries. Because their situation is very difficult and most of them may not be able to make their children happy even on Eid, so the salary distribution must be completed by the day before Eid and loved ones can at least provide some of their needs.”