Barzani Charity Foundation is implementing a sacrificial meat project during Eid al-Adha

Barzani Charity Foundation annually announces the sacrificial meat project in collaboration with local charities and companies. This year, in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent Society, a number of local personalities announced the sacrificial meat project.

On the first day of Eid al-Adha, June 16, 2024, in a press conference in the presence of Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation and Omid Khoshnaw, Erbil Governor, the sacrificial meat project was announced.

In the press conference, Mr. Omid Khoshnaw, Governor of Erbil, welcomed the journalists and congratulated all Muslims in Kurdistan and the world. After welcoming the participants, he spoke about the process of sacrifices and the readiness of sacrifice room if people want to do their sacrifices, they would welcome them during the four days of Eid. Then he thanked the Barzani Charity Foundation, the Turkish Consulate and the Iraqi Red Crescent.

In his speech, Mr. Musa Ahmad, President of Barzani Charity Foundation, congratulated Muslims and Kurdistan people and said: Barzani Charity Foundation this year in the activities of Eid al-Adha as always assigned by President Barzani on these religious and national occasions collaboratively with the wealthy people and charity organizations in Kurdistan will serve the poor, refugees and displaced persons.

He added that this year alone, the activities of the Barzani Charity Foundation have exceeded seven billion and said: 15,245 children have benefited from the dears’ project worth 4,575,000 dollars and cash assistance has been distributed to more than 600 families, in the amount of 130,000 dollars Eid clothes were provided to 596 children, and dry food baskets were provided to 500 families.

Mr. President of Barzani Charity Foundation pointed out that Barzani Charity Foundation has provided 80 cows for the Kurdistan provinces from Kirkuk to Halabja, Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok. He also thanked the Governor of Erbil and the Erbil Slaughterhouse Administration for implementing all health guidelines in carrying out their work.

At the end of his speech, he thanked the partners of Barzani Charity Foundation, especially the UAE Red Crescent Society, Galiawa Group of Companies and Mr. Khalid Khoshnaw.

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent Society, Galiawa Company and lawyer Safin Dizeyi, started distributing sacrificial meat to the residents of Daratu, Pirzin, Kesnazan, Shawes and Mala Omar in Erbil.