Barzani Charity Foundation is implementing the largest educational application project in the region for orphans

The orphans and widow’s department of the Barzani Charity Foundation, in 2012 launched a project to serve orphans and widows with the support of local and foreign donors and year after year the numbers of beneficiaries and the helping projects have increased. As of July 12, 2023, the number of beneficiaries has reached (13,202) orphans and (7,130) orphans have been registered with the UAE Red Crescent Society and (1,103) orphans are waiting.
(3,384) orphans receive salaries from the Kurdistan Project. (48) orphans have been getting their salaries in the Polish project. Saudi Arabia provided cash assistance to (1,000) orphans and Kuwait to (4,000) orphans, only once in 2017. And there are (4,000) orphans of martyrs against ISIS who benefit from salaries.
In addition, the department of the orphans and widows of the Barzani Charity Foundation, with the help of donors, provided school supplies for the orphans, awarded the first and successful students, bought new clothes for the orphans during the Eid’s and distributed sacrificial meat. In the field of health, 15 children underwent major surgery in just one year, each costing more than $10,000.
Barzani Charity Foundation, on 22/5/2023 announced the biggest educational project for children, which consists of two parts, the first part: conducting courses, seminars and workshops for children and their guardians and the second part is the mobile application for children which is the biggest mobile educational application in the region.
This project (Education of orphans) is a special, educational and counseling program for loved ones (orphans), in which the characteristics of each age and how to deal with orphans are explained to the guardians.
Objectives of the orphan’s educational project:

 Improving the cultural level of the guardian in all aspects (patriotic, psychological, social, educational).
 Promote the way the guardian treats the orphan.
 Discovering the abilities and skills of orphans, caring for them and helping them.
 Solving the educational, psychological and social problems of their orphans and families.

Application Structure:

 The first part contains 200 educational, psychological, social and patriotic videos.
 The second part will be dedicated to finding the talents, skills and intelligence of the orphan, providing the needs and providing an appropriate environment for innovation in his field.
 The third part will be devoted to consulting psychological, social and educational experts in case of any problems and guidance by psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychological, educational and social counselors.
 The fourth part will be dedicated to the profile of the orphan
 The fifth part will be dedicated to the Barzani Charity Foundation.
 The sixth part will be dedicated to the Barzani Charity Foundation.

Lessons of the educational project:
Discussing all stages separately, on the basis of psychology and developmental psychology, as follows:
Birth stage to 2 years.
 Stage 2 to 6 years.
 Stage 6 to 9 years.
 Stage 9 to 12 years.
 Stage 12 to 21 years.

Lessons will cover (general knowledge, physical development, emotional development, intellectual development, motor development, linguistic development, preventive development, social development, personality development, patriotism and environmental protection, nutrition and health, emergency, learning Arabic and English)
The Department of Orphans and widows of Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) has completed its preparations for the educational project of the orphans and is now available to serve the orphans.