BCF Congratulates Nadia Murad on Winning Nobel Peace Prize

People of Kurdistan have continuously paid the price of peace and coexistence; their belief in peaceful coexistence has always come under pressure and threat by the enemies of the humanity. The Ezdi (Yazidi) Kurds have particularly been the major victim of terrorism and mass killings. These heinous atrocities, however, could not bring the Ezdis to their knees, we could rather resist and convey the hardships and pains of our nation to the world.

Awarding Nadia Murad with the Nobel Peace Prize is the best answer to the enemies of the humanity and is a suitable reward for her resistance to inhumane acts of the ISIS. We are delighted about this achievement of Nadia Murad; firstly as Kurdish organization and secondly as a humanitarian organization. We take ultimate pride in the fact that an activist of this country has been able to leave an impact on the world and win the Nobel Peace Prize.  

We, as Barzani Charity Foundation, have made utmost efforts to counter the effects and aftermath of the Sinjar disaster since day one. We have tried to empathize with our Ezdi brothers and sisters’ sufferings and their territorial loss. The BCF’s latest efforts for Ezdis was the foundation’s statement during the 39th session of the Human Rights Council on September 11, 2018, calling on the international community to protect the minorities in Iraq, particularly Ezdis and Christians.

 Today, the BCF offers deepest congratulations to you for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and invite you and other philanthropists to hold a conference in the next year on the reconstruction of Sinjar and compensation of its people.

 We reaffirm that we, as Barzani Charity Foundation, will remain by your side until all your problems are solved and your rights are secured. Finally, we congratulate you and all the people of Kurdistan and Iraq on this significant achievement.