Barzani Charity Foundation Attends the Peace Conference in London

On the invitation of the committee and Ahmadia Foundation, the BCF’s representative, Awat Mustafa attended the Annual Peace Conference in London.

Every year, the Annual Peace Conference takes place on March 9th. This year it was in London with the presence of British parliament members, ministers, southern governors, representatives of 13 countries, intellectuals of churches, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddies, and more than 300 members of Ahmadia Foundation.

The conference concentrated on the emergency need for peace in the world.

In the opening speech, they welcomed the BCF representative. In addition, in his speech, Khalifa Gholam Ahmad, the head of the Ahmadia Foundation mentioned the Kurdish rights in the Middle East.

Barzani Charity Foundation has a great connection with the international organizations regarding human rights, and it tries its best to show the world tragedies and needs of the Kurdish people.