BCF Commemorates the 116th Anniversary Birthday of Immortal Mustafa Barzani

BCF with nongovernmental organizations, officials, and head of clans visited Mustafa Barzani’s, the national father, tomb to honor his name and carry on what Barzani strived to achieve, they also put a wreath of flowers on his grave.

On March 14, 2019, the 116th anniversary birthday of Immortal Barzani, BCF in partner with Rwanga, Qandil, Zhian, LDS, Islamic Relief, Qatar Red Crescent, and the Governor of Musana paid a visit to the tomb of the Immortals in Barzan Village.

Head of the BCF, Musa Ahmad, promised to try his best to continue Barzani’s humanitarian path. “Today, we need Barzani’s philosophy the most, which is coexistence. Barzani’s land has become a home to thousands of IDPs and refugees. We, as diligent of BCF, and humanitarian organizations showed an example of humanity that the whole world is proud of. Today, we are affirming our promise to be loyal and carry on what Barzani strived to achieve in his life, “Head of BCF, Musa Ahmad, said.

Governor of Musana, Dr. Ahmad Manfa, on the tomb, delivered a speech and said, “It is an honor to stand here, on the grave of the greatest man whose philosophy is to help victims and coexistence. Also, we are proud of BCF for elaborating his path.”