BCF’s respond to Mosul Ferry Disaster

On March 21, 2019, the first day of Kurdish New Year, Nowruz, a ferry, reportedly overcrowded with more than 250 people, sank in Tigris River in Mosul.

This incident had international reactions and the Iraqi government announced the public condolences for the lives of the Iraqi citizens who died in the ferry incident, including children and women, in Mosul.

The capsize was caused by overcrowding on-board the vessel, and by high water levels on the Tigris.

Unfortunately, the ferry was loaded with a great number of passengers, the emergency services could only rescue a few numbers of passengers, while most of them drowned.

Rescuing teams are still searching for the drowned people in the river, they have found 120 dead bodies, 60 more are expected to be left in the river.

Four BCF teams are searching for the victims of the ferry tragedy.

After the recent disaster in Mosul, caused 200 people drowned and dead, four BCF teams are addressed to search for the victims.

According to the official reports, 120 people have been founded, while 60 more are expected to be left in the Tigris River.

The BCF, with the presence of Musa Ahmad, Head of BCF, prepared four rescue swimmer teams to search for the unfounded dead bodies in the incident.

The BCF teams are continuously searching for the victims, but the cold and high level of the Tigris River struggled down the process.