BCF Presents Letter of Appreciation to Three Dignitaries in Europe

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) appreciates all the dignitaries who contributed to making a good relationship between internally displaced persons (IDPs) and international development organizations and foundations.

Dr. Delavar Ajgeiy, Head of Kurdistan Regional Government Mission to European Union, Mr. Karwan Jamal Tahir and Mr. Khasrow Ajgayi, High Representative to the UK at Kurdistan Regional Government-Representation in the United Kingdom, recognized by the BCF for their efficient and effective role in humanitarian works and contribution to bring international agencies to help IDPs, refugees, and people in the Kurdistan region.

BCF gave a letter of appreciation for the three representatives of Kurdistan Regional Government and delighted their hard work and dedication for developing and inspiring the relationship between organizations and IDPs and refugees aiming to improve their living condition.

It is worth to mention that the BCF representative, upon an official invitation of Kurdistan Regional Government-Representation in the United Kingdom, attended the annual meeting of the PMs group of Kurdish friendship in the British parliament on July 8, 2019.