Amir Fehri Opens a European School in Domiz Camp

Meer Kurdi (Amir Fehri) visited the headquarter of the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) and met the head of the BCF, Musa Ahmad, discussed opening a European school in Domiz camp.

Amir Fehri is a 15-year-old genius writer. He has published 4 books which have earned, in 2 years, 25 international literary awards. Currently, Amir is preparing himself, as the youngest student, to study in medical faculty in France.

Meer was born in the city of Sousse in Tunis, in a Kurdish mother and a Tunisian father, this young 15-year-old prodigy, with multiple cultures, after a tortuous piece of a childhood spent in Tunisia where he has amassed many painful experiences of school change, because of his advanced cognitive skills. His family decided to go to France and start a new life. Later, Meer published a book in French entitled “Stories of Meer”, the French President Manuel Macron, sent him a letter of appreciation and encouraged him to continue writing.

Three of his books have been published by the French publishers, the recent one entitled ”Harassment”. This moving novel tells the story of Alex, a precocious boy who was a victim, during his schooling in Tunisia, of harassment by his classmates who misunderstood the kid’s talent.

Meer participated in various activities regarding desperate children, refugees, and victims of violence. He helped children across the world by conducting various projects through international communities.

Meer discussed many issues with the BCF to help the refugees living in the Kurdistan Region. In addition, the head of BCF awarded Ameer for this humanitarian works.