BCF continues to Help Syrian Refugees

Since the beginning of recent Turkish incursion into northern Syria, thousands of civilians have displaced, majority of people fled to city of Hasakah, but as to date 12,000 people have crossed border to Kurdistan region of Iraq, which the Kurdistan regional government established a new refugee camp in Bardarash District in Province of Duhok to accommodate new refugees from Syria.

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) so far has delivered two convoys of aid, the first aid convoy was made of dry food parcels, blankets, water, baby formula, and medical supply to hospitals in Hasakah, the second convoy was medical and medicine delivered to Amoda hospital.

In the meantime, the BCF setups two kitchen fields, one at the crossing border and the second one in the Bardarash camp. Both kitchens are providing hot meals to the new arrivals in cooperation with LDS Charities. The hot meal projects will continue as long as necessary.

BCF’s aid operations to Syria have received a donation from CBN-(Operation Blessing), in which the donation comes in a crucial time. CBN has helped BCF in the past, especially during the IDP crisis from Mousel and Kobani humanitarian crisis.

The Trinity Baptist Church from Sweetwater Texas also donated funds to provide aid to Syrian refugees, the church is well connected with the crisis in the region and they will continue to pray for the people of Syria.