Barzani Charity Foundation: We are ready to assist earthquake victims in Turkey

Following the directions of President Barzani, Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) claims the readiness to assist the earthquake-affected families in Turkey.

Last night, on Friday, January 24, 2020, an earthquake struck many cities in Turkey and caused the death of (22) people, (1,000) more injured.

BCF sends condolence to families of the victims and wishes immediate healing for the injured ones. BCF as its humanitarian duty, in collaboration with Turkish Red Crescent and concerned officials in Turkey, are working to stand with the families of victims for solidarity and provide urgent humanitarian assistance.

It is worth mentioning, in 2011, an earthquake struck the city of Van, Turkey which caused the death of many people and destroyed buildings. After the catastrophe, under the auspice of President Barzani BCF provided (400) caravans including all the necessities for the people of Van city and build a community for those whose homes collapsed.

Now, BCF is ready to deliver assistance, as soon as possible, to the affected cities in Turkey.