KRG Advocacy Forum 2020

The BCF representative participated in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Advocacy Forum on February 25, 2020, in attendance of Iraqi and KRG officials, alongside the UN Agencies, international organizations, university teachers, academics, and researchers.

The forum aims to direct the associated parties for transparency and feeling responsibility to evaluate and find answers for recommendations addressed to Iraq and Kurdistan region regarding the rule of law and good governing.

Head of Program and Relations Department of BCF Karzan Noori was one of the speakers in the forum. He discussed two recent issues happing in Iraq, “One of the main issues recently happening is the migration of Yazidis and Christians in which their numbers decrease every day in the region,” said Mr. Noori.

In addition, Mr. Noori mentioned the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to camps after they departed and  everyday arrival of newly displaced people. ” We must go return to Iraq constitution and International Law sections to face such struggles in future,” he added.

The KRG Advocacy Forum strives to emphasize on suggestions related to international advocacy and clarifying to the associated parties in KRG. Also to deliver the KRG’s message to international agencies attended the forum, and the possibility of the issues KRG might face in implementing the Human Rights.