The Refugee who is infected by Covid-19 was not in the camp

The Syrian refugee in Darashakran camp who is infected by the coronavirus (Covid-19), has departed the camp (15) days ago and did not visit the camp since then. So, it cannot be a threat to the lives of refugees inside the camp.

The refugee has asked to leave the camp on April 18, 2020, to work in one of the local companies in the Kurdistan Region. He has been warned by the camp management that he cannot return to the camp during the quarantine era.

After leaving the camp for (15), the infected person asked the camp management to return to the camp. The camp management addressed him to have coronavirus test before he can enter the camp.

The camp management discovered that his test showed positive infection and prevented him to enter the camp. Meanwhile, the camp inhabitants are in good health and they have not found any active case inside the camp. The curfew on the camp will be ongoing until the control over the coronavirus will be announced.